Round 17 vs Bosco

Round 17 vs Bosco

Once again we played against a team trying to win to have a chance to move into 2nd place. So we had to fight hard to get over the top of Bosco who were determined to put in a good performance to give themselves a chance at the CSJBA trophy.

We started off a little slow in the field with Elliot @ pitcher & Archie @ 1st. But 2 good catches from Lachlan & then Dylan followed by a throw by Lachlan from 3rd base to Levi @ 2nd base made the 3 outs. Bosco were kept to 2 runs in the first.

Bosco keep themselves in the game by restricting us to only 4 runs in the first by making 3 good fielding plays to stop us scoring the maximum.

The 2nd innings saw Dylan take the mound with Isaac taking 1st base. The Bosco batters did extremely well to keep the ball away from Dylan throughout the innings, letting him make only 1 out to Isaac. Unfortunately the other fielders had a series of missed plays that led to Bosco scoring the maximum 6 runs. This is a very unusual occurrence when this pair takes the mound/1st base!

Once again we batted around without many hiccups to score a further 6 runs. Our placement of the ball & running was good in this innings.

Progress score after 2 innings: Tigers 10  –  Bosco 8

The 3rd innings saw Lachlan take the mound & Levi cover 1st base. They made 2 excellent assists & putout & just missed a 3rd out with a close juggle, when the runner was given the benefit of a close call. Then Elliot made a good field & throw from SS to Eliza @ 3rd for her now usual out to complete the innings. Once again Bosco were kept to 2 runs in a very good fielding effort for the innings.

We continued to hit the ball well & score the max 6 runs for the final 3 innings. Bosco made some good plays & keep the pressure on us to work hard on placement to score the max. However they just not could get that elusive 3rd out to keep us from 6 runs, much to the disappointment of their coach.

The 4th Innings saw Zak take the mound with Electra on 1st. Zak made a number of good stops & hard throws to Ellectra. Unfortunately Ellectra is only about 1 metre high but Zac’s throws were closer to 2 metres high. Next time we just need to find a taller fielder @ 1st for Zak! Fortunately in between Lachlan made 2 putouts @ 2nd base (from CF) & Dylan made an out @ home from catcher. Both Lachlan & Dylan almost made a double play with strong throws to 1st after playing their base. Bosco managed 5 runs in the innings.

Progress score after 2 innings: Tigers 22  –  Bosco 15

We had time for one more innings. This had Eliza @ pitcher & Isabelle on first.

Unluckily for the girls, they didn’t get the chance to impress us with their improvement, because first pitch got smashed to Lachlan who caught it @ SS. Then the next pitch Dylan took an absolute screamer @ CF. Soon after that play Lachlan made another good play to Isaac @ 3rd base for the final out.  So we made the 3 outs without the girls having a chance to make any! Bosco scored 0 for the innings.

Final score: Tigers 28  –  Bosco 15

The players continued their excellent fielding. This week we managed 4 catches & 3 un-assisted put-outs which meant that we ONLY managed a total of 20 assists /putouts from 6 different players. With Lachlan making 8, Levi & Dylan 4, Isaac 2 & single outs to Eliza & Elliot. We made the 3 outs in 4 innings out of the 5 today.

Well done again team!

Although everyone wants to play pitcher or first base, it has now become a lot harder for our pitcher & first to dominate the outs. Each week all our fielders are taking their chances to make outs at the other bases. So the pitchers have to make the most of their chances when they come, otherwise the other players make the outs.

Thanks to Louise for scoring again today.

Thanks to Nat & Erin for looking after the canteen duties.

The player of the match this week was Levi. He batted extremely well today with a number a huge outfield hits. Plus he made 4 putouts/assists & with a little luck could have had a few more assists.

The Tiger award this week was given to Dylan for the catch of the day. I am not sure if this is the first CF catch this season?? Dylan raced in & dove forward sliding on his knees to scoop the ball up just before it hit the ground. It was a wonderful catch.


Looking forward to another good zooka session on Tuesday.


Coach Peter