Round 15 vs Comets Gold

Round 15 vs Comets Gold

The table has closed up behind us. It seems that every second week we are matched against the team currently second & keen to remain there. This week we faced Comets Gold who was primed for a big effort to hold onto 2nd place.

The first couple of innings started off similar to a lot of our recent games, with strong opposition fielding making us really earn the max 6 runs. The first two innings saw an excellent catch in each inning by Eliza & Dylan to help us earn the 3 outs. Dylan also made 2 throws to Isaac then Lachlan made 2 trows to Levi to restrict them to 5 runs.

Progress score after 2 innings: Tigers 12 – Comets 5

However the Comets then dragged themselves right back into the contest by restricting us to 3 runs over the next 2 innings. Once again this was due totally to good fielding by the Gold making outs at mainly at 2nd & third. Luckily the Tigers kept up the high standard of fielding by restricting comets to 7 runs over the 2 innings. With Elliot, Isaac, Dylan & Levi all making plays to keep us in front on the scoreboard.

Progress score after the 4th innings: Tigers 15 – Comets 12

The brilliant fielding continued from both teams in what had become an extremely high standard game. There were not any easy runs to be scored anywhere. Any hit straight to the fielder seemed to end with an out to the defenders in the last 2 innings. This time the outs were made by Archie, Lachlan, Isaac, Dylan & Levi to keep them to 2 runs.

Just to make sure that we kept our noses in front the team pit up the max score of 6 in the 5th innings. But just to show what good fielders the Comets were they kept us to ) in the last innings!!

Final score: Tigers 21 – St George 14

I believe that this was our best all-round fielding of the season. The fact that we completed 6 whole innings shows how well we fielded. In fact the score shows just how well both teams fielded by us only scoring 21 runs from 6 innings (just over 3 runs per innings) & us restricting them to 14 from 6 innings (just over 2 runs per innings).

Well done to all the players from both teams.

Nicole keeps a record of the defensive outs we make. Today we had a total of 31 putouts/assists, from 7 different players. I am so proud of all the players.

Thanks to Louise for scoring again today.

The player of the match this week was Isaac. He led the team with an incredible 9 putouts/assists plus his usual good batting.

The Tiger award this week was given to Zak. He continued to bat well today. He went close to making a few outs.

Hopefully the Coach will not yell as much next week.

Coach Peter