Round 14 vs St George

Round 14 vs St George

We returned to baseball after the long Christmas break. Sometimes this is a major challenge for the young players. Whilst it wasn’t one of our best efforts we did enough to scrape through with a win.

Luckily Lachlan & Dylan returned with their fielding skills remaining sharp. When given the chance @ pitcher, Lachlan made 3 stops & throws to Dylan who converted all the chances to outs of to restrict St George to 3 runs.

Despite good fielding by St George our batters managed to score 6 runs in the first two innings. Our batters managed to advance the runners to score the max runs despite some excellent fielding & quite a few outs against us.

Our second innings in the field seen us have Levi @ pitcher & Elliot @ first. Despite some good defensive plays St George managed to score 6 runs.

Progress score after 2 innings: Tigers 12  –  St George 9

St George continued to field well. Our batters were always under pressure to even get on base. St George made a large number of outs & it seemed like that whenever we hit it straight to a fielder they seemed to turn it into an out. The third innings saw St George finally manage to get that elusive 3rd out, to restrict us to 4 runs.

St George put further pressure onto us by scoring the max 6 runs in the 3rd & 4th innings.

Archie & Ellectra made some good plays & throws from pitcher but we just couldn’t manage to get the 3rd out to stop the max 6 runs.

Progress score after the Top of the 4th innings: Tigers 16  –  St George 21

So the game came down to the last innings with us 5 runs behind, so we needed the max to win the game or at least 5 to tie the game. This was only the second time we entered the last innings needing 6 runs in the last. Just like last time the batters came through.

The hero this time was Dylan who entered the batter’s box with 2 outs & only 4runs home. Despite the pressure, Dylan proceeded to drive the ball into the outfield to score the last 2 runs we needed to hit the front.

Final score: Tigers 22  –  St George 21

It was not our best fielding effort today, but it was understandable after the Christmas break & rain washing out our proposed training session. The players will have to work hard to return to the level that we were fielding to before the break.

Our batting remained solid to earn us the victory.

The only thing we need to work on is the placement of the ball with our hits. At this stage of the year most of opposition players will manage to make an out if we hit the ball straight to the fielder. We need to go for placement rather than pace!

Thanks to Louise for scoring again today.

The player of the match this week was Dylan. Dylan made 3 outs from 5 throws from Lachlan in the first innings to achieve. This proved to be the only innings that we kept St George to less than the max 6 runs. Then to top it off he drive in the final 2 runs with 2 outs in the bottom of the last.

Well done Dylan.

The Tiger award this week was given to Eliza. She placed the ball well of the tee, plus then also ran exceptionally well to ensure that she made it safely on board each innings. Unfortunately the umpire gave her out once when in fact she was not actually out! However that did not deter her, she ran even harder the next innings just to make sure that she was called safe this time!

Thanks to Denis for again marking the field early & the others who helped set up & pack up. Special thanks to both Greg for his work on the BBQ & Nicole for running the canteen for the entire shift.


Coach Peter