Round 12 vs Giants

Round 12 vs Giants

Today we had a top of the table clash with the Giants.

If we win today we virtually seal first place in the 9s competition.

We started the game on fire. We restricted the Giants to runs 0 in the first innings with Lachlan making an out from pitcher to Levi @ 1st, followed by an out from Ellectra @ 2nd to Levi. To finish off the innings Lachlan took a good catch. A great start to the game.

However we soon learned that the  Giants were not going to give up easily when we were restricted to only 3 runs due to excellent fielding by Giants in the first innings.

So we started the 2nd innings only a couple of runs up despite the perfect 1st innings. So we needed another strong defensive effort from the team to keep in front. Lachlan couldn’t be keep out of the game by making the first out from CF to 2nd base. Then Dylan imposed himself from pitcher by firstly making a good throw to Isaac at 1st, then finished off the innings with a force out at home plate from a little dribbler. This limited Giants to only 2 runs in the innings.

Our batters then really stepped up to the plate to belt 6 runs from the 2nd innings. We learnt from the first innings that we needed to place the ball better, & we did manage to find the gaps better. Our batters did struggle to find gaps early in the match with the 8 player infield ring adopted by the Giants team. But we soon adapted.

Progress score after 2 innings: Tigers 9  –  Giants 2

Giants kept themselves in the game by scoring 6 runs in the top of the third. Elliot made one good catch at pitcher, but despite a number of good throws, they seemed to be just out of Ellectra’ reach. Ellectra make a couple of nice grabs at 1st, but the runner just beat the throws. So we just could not get the 3 outs needed.

Our batters continued to bat & run well, with a couple of our bigger hitters finally finding the outfield past the crowded infield making the scoring of the 6 runs a little easier.

That led us to Zak @ pitcher with Eliza @ 1st base in the 4th innings. Once again our pitcher made a number of close plays but just missed out on an out. Fortunately Levi made an out @ 3rd base & the combination of Isaac @ SS & Lachlan @ CF made 2 outs @ 2nd base. This kept the Giants to 4 runs.

Once again our batters made a couple of big hits & combined with excellent base running to have us score the maximum 6 runs again to put us well in a match winning position.

Progress score after 4 innings: Tigers 21  –  Giants 12

Our 5th innings had Isabelle take the mound & Archie was @ 1st base. Isabelle showed her improvement by stopping most balls, but just couldn’t quite make the 3rd out to Archie. The Giants managed to score the 6 runs with 2 outs. Lachlan made another catch @ SS & also made an out to 3rd with Isaac.

Our batters continued their good form with a couple of big hits & combined with superb base running to have us score the maximum 6 runs to finish the game.

Final score: Tigers 27  –  Giants 18

I was extremely impressed with the whole teams fielding today. They have all really improved as the year has progressed. This week the pitchers in each innings were all terrific: Lachlan, Dylan, Elliot, Zak & Isabelle all showed good fielding form & solid throwing. The one thing that we could have improved was the direction of our throwing. The velocity of the throws is fine, we just need to fine tune the direction of the throws. Our first baser’s have all improved as well. Levi, Isaac, Ellectra, Eliza & Archie all made good catches & also blocked the ball when needed today. Sometimes they just have to be confident enough to move off the base to catch the ball & then return to 1st with ball.

A great fielding & batting performance from the Tigers!  (Again!)

Thanks to Leanne B for scoring again today.

The player of the match this week was Eliza. She led off the batting & showed her team-mates the way with good placement of the ball & fast running. Her fielding was also very solid, with nothing getting past her, but just missing out on a couple of outs.

The Tiger award this week was given to Lachlan. As usual Lachlan was ready to pounce   on the ball no matter what position he fielded in. Today he had a total of 7 putouts, including 2 catches & 5 put-outs or assists with his strong throwing or safe glove.

Thanks to Denis for again starting the ground duties early & having the oval just about ready by the time everyone else arrived. Thanks also to Luke for his work on the BBQ & all the others that helped with the duties

Thanks to Louise & Eliza for the birthday cupcakes & Leanne for the Christmas chocolates.


Coach Peter