Round 11 vs Comets Royal

Round 11 vs Comets Royal

We returned to Como to take on the 2nd Comets team hoping to continue our strong batting & return to our best fielding form.

We continued our marvellous batting & running ways racking up 6 runs each innings. There were a few hiccups with running along the way plus there were a few outs when our batters hit it straight to the fielders. However we still managed to score the 6 runs each innings. It always helps an innings when one of the big boppers manages a big outfield hit to drive in a couple of runs. Isaac seemed to have a big hit each innings today plus Dylan, Levi, Lachlan, Archie & Elliot also managed huge outfield hits! Whilst Zak, Ellectra, Eliza & Isabelle also did their part by hitting the ball into gaps & using their speed to score the runs.

Today we had 6 innings & scored the maximum 36 runs.

Great batting effort today team!!

Even though our batting was quite impressive, I believe that our fielding was even more exciting. We once again had 7 different players either have an assist or record an out across the 6 innings. Today we managed 3 outs in all 6 innings.  We had 4 catches taken & 4 put-outs by the pitcher to 1st base & also an impressive out from SS Dylan to Lachlan at 1st base to round out a great all-round fielding & throwing performance. We also made 3 of the shorter throws to get the lead runner out at 3rd base. The last couple of outs were 2nd base covering 2nd.

This week the pitchers were terrific: Isaac, Levi, Archie, Zak, Ellectra & Eliza. They all made an assortment of decent throws to first & I believe showed how much they have all improved by firstly their fielding then their throwing display.

The excellent throws also gave our first base: Dylan, Lachlan, Isabelle, Elliot, Eliza & Zak a chance to show off their catching skills as well. We weren’t quite perfect, but all players showed a good understanding of the position & good basics for further improvement.

Final score: Tigers 36  –  Bosco 16

The game was again played at a fast pace, with all the Tigers players ready to go when it was their turn to bat. All the players also took up their fielding positions like veterans. Obviously having short innings by getting the 3 outs early also speeds up the game. Having 6 full innings in 1hr 15 mins is testament to that!

Thanks to Louise for scoring again today.

I couldn’t go past Archie for the player of the match this week. He was extremely impressive in his innings @ pitcher. He made 2 decent catches, plus a heap of respectable throws to first. Then later he also made an un-assisted put out at 2nd base by swooping on a ball & then stepping on the base & almost made the double play!

Archie also batted well & capped it off by belting a ball into CF later in the match. I am not sure who was more excited by his performance? Archie or Luke or Shannon.

Well done Archie! You have really improved your all-round game!

The Tiger award this week was given to Isaac. As usual our most enthusiastic fielder was impressive no matter what position he fielded in. Today he had a total of 6 putouts or assists with his strong throwing of sure glove.

A great multitalented performance from the Tigers!


Coach Peter