Round 10 vs Bosco

Round 10 vs Bosco

We had the whole oval to ourselves & decided to use the main oval for the first time. The parents seemed to enjoy the facilities, but it took the players a few innings to get used to the different diamond.

Bosco started the game on fire with both the bat & glove! They batted extremely well & scored 6 runs in all the first 3 innings. Bosco hit the ball extremely well & hit a heap of balls into the outfield. We did make a number of outs, but just could not make the 3rd out to keep them to less than 6 runs in the 2nd & 3rd innings. We probably did miss a couple of chances to get the 3rd out, but it wasn’t our day.

Bosco also fielded brilliantly in the first innings. Our batters all hit the ball okay, but unfortunately it went to their fielders & they made the 3 outs. Unfortunately we failed to score in the first innings,

After the 1st innings the score was: Tigers 0 – Bosco 6

The Tigers did bat extremely well in the 2nd & 3rd innings to score the max 6 runs.

After the 3rd innings the score was: Tigers 12 – Bosco 18

It was the first time this year that we were behind on the scoreboard. It was pleasing to see that the players never gave up. They continued to try their best to turn around the score. Due to their persistence our fortunes finally changed in the 4th innings.

Levi really got us back into the game by making 3 consecutive outs at SS. He fielded the ball between SS & 2nd base & made the force out at 2nd base.

After the 4th innings the score was: Tigers 18 – Bosco 20

The team responded with another good fielding effort in the 5th innings to keep us in the game. Dylan come on as pitcher & made a couple of superb plays combining with Lachlan who also made a couple of fantastic grabs @ 1st base for 2 outs. To complete the great team defence in the innings, Elliot at SS combined with Ellectra @ 3rd for the final out. This kept Bosco to 4 runs & gave us the chance to tie the game with if we could score the max 6 runs in the last innings.

Once again the batters came through with another terrific batting effort to tie the game.

Final score: Tigers 24  –  Bosco 24

The game was again played in good spirits between the teams. It was great to get a good round of applause from the opposition parents after a hard fought game that ended in a drawn game. At times both teams played excellent baseball.

Bosco probably batted better than anyone else has against us this season. They consistently hit the ball into the outfield & also found the gaps in the field. Despite this our team still managed to claw back into the game with superb fielding by getting 3 outs in the last 2 innings.

Thanks to Leanne R for scoring today.

Player of the match was given to Isabelle. She exemplified the team’s fighting spirit by continuing to take her place in the field despite feeling unwell. Despite being sick leading up to the game she fielded every innings so she wouldn’t let her team-mates down by fielding short. Well done Isabelle!

The Tiger award this week was given to Lachlan who really came through for the team in the 5th innings. First he took some unbelievable grabs at 1st from rockets from Dylan to keep Bosco within reach & then he came through with a bases clearing triple to ensure that we scored the 6 runs required to tie the game.

A great comeback from the Tigers!


Coach Peter