Round 9 vs Arncliffe Scots

Round 9 vs Arncliffe Scots

Another great day for the Tigers U9s juggernaut.

Our fielding again was outstanding! With the Scots restricted to scores of 1, 0, 1 & 6 by brilliant fielding by the Tigers. All our pitchers today: Dylan, Levi, Zak & Ellectra did a wonderful job fielding & making throws to first. I was happy to see good strong throws to 1st base accounting for most of our outs. Also Ellectra made a great throw to home plate to get the runner before he scored.

Of course the 1st basemen this week: Isaac, Lachlan, Elliot & Archie also did their jobs well to complete the outs. Dylan also managed to complete a double play with a good catch @ 3rd base & putting the runner out before she could return to safety. A couple of good plays were also made by the outfielders, getting the ball back in to 2nd base before Scots could advance too far.

Overall I was extremely proud of the job done by the fielders today. Of course there is always room for improvement, SS & 2nd base still need to remember to cover 2nd base ALL the time when the ball is in play & also take the throws from the outfield. I am still anticipating our 2nd base to manage to pull off a couple of outs. With any luck it will be next week!!

Keep up the good work in the field Tigers!!

Our batters continued their solid form with Tigers scoring 6, 5, 6 & 5 in our 4 innings. Our batters did well to keep the ball away from the pitchers most of the time. However we will also have to start looking at keeping the ball away from 3rd base when our runner is on 2. Virtually all their outs were put outs at 3rd base.

Improved base-running also helps keep the players moving.

Continue the exceptional batting as well Tigers!!

Final score: Tigers 22  –  Scots 8

The game was again played in good spirits between the teams. It was great to get a good round of applause from the opposition parents after our wonderful display. Unfortunately the game was a bit slower today & we only managed to complete 4 innings, so we missed out an extra turn at pitcher.

Thanks to Nicole for scoring again today.

Player of the match was given to Ellectra after her strong display @ pitcher. She also hit the ball extremely well today.

The Tiger award this week was given to Zak who also fielded well @ pitcher & again batted well today.


Coach Peter