Round 8 vs Comets Gold

Round 8 vs Comets Gold

The first game of the 2nd round of matches seen us play against the 3rd placed Comets Gold. I was happy with a comprehensive victory.

Once again the Tigers batting & base running was a very high standard. We again had a number of big outfield hits to keep the runners advancing around the bases. We had a huge scare in the first innings, when the Comets made a great catch & turned the double play to rub out both lead batters. However the remaining batters dug deep & managed to score the maximum 6 runs with only 2 outs.

The remaining 4 innings also seen us score the max 6 runs without quite as many dramas. The Comets made a few good outs, mainly at 3rd base, but we managed to continue to hit the ball into gaps & good running to score the 6 runs each innings.

Once again we had an excellent day in the field. We completed an out in all of the 5 innings that we completed today! A great achievement again by the team!!

Most of our fielding was exceptional! With the Comets restricted to scores of 1, 2 & 0 in the first 3 innings by outstanding fielding by the Tigers. Pretty well all the chances presented to our fielders were taken. With a variety of outs on all the bases, the majority of the outs being controlled accurate throws from pitcher to first. It was great to see no rushing & fumbling from the fielders & also no wild throws ball flying over first base’s head!

The main development that I would love to see from the fielders in the next couple of weeks is for 2nd base to remember to cover 2nd base & take the throws from CF or SS.

Just like we have been practising at training for the last couple of weeks!!

Luckily 2nd base was covered twice by heads up play from CF who made the out @ 2nd base. (At least CF remembered the training drills we practised). Our outfield drills almost got us an out at 2nd base. After a huge hit by Comets over CFs head, a great chase & throw by CF just over SSs head that would have got the runner @ 2nd.

Score after 3 innings: Tigers 18 – Comets 6

I am happy with the results of the fielding rotations. The distance from pitcher to 1st base is proving to be quite a challenge for a lot of our pitchers. However I am confident that continued hard work at training & further game time @ pitcher will see all of the team capable of making an out from the mound before we move to the10s.

I will be disappointed if we don’t at least manage to pull off a couple of outs by 2nd base over the next couple of weeks. Our fielders at 2nd base need to show a little more urgency in firstly moving to the ball & then throwing to 1st base, BEFORE the runner gets there. Ideally SS & 2nd base will also get used to covering 2nd base as required, both from infield & outfield hits.

Overall I am enormously pleased with the fielding of the team. We are completing the 3 outs in innings probably more than I thought we would at this stage of the comp. It is a tribute to the players that we manage to get 3 outs in more innings than we fail to complete the 3 outs. Keep up the good work team!!

Both teams scored the max 6 runs in the final 2 innings. More through good batting by both sides than bad fielding! Hopefully we can continue to improve as the season progresses. Further hard work at training will help our consistency & grow our self-belief in our ability in being able to throw straight 7 make outs

Final score: Tigers 30 – Comets Gold 15

The game was again played in good spirits between the teams.

Thanks to Nicole for scoring again today.

Thanks also for the parents that helped set up & do the BBQ & canteen duty. Hopefully you all got to see at least part of the game.

Player of the match was given to Zac. Zac had his best batting effort of the year so far, with a couple of hits that made it to the outfield.

The Tiger award this week was given to Dylan who once again played a starring role in both the field & smashed the ball all over the place.

Coach Peter