Round 7 vs St George

Round 7 vs St George

We travelled to our furthest away game for the season to complete the first round at St

George. We have now played all the teams in the competition & have the return

matches to complete up to the Christmas break. I think the best way to monitor how

much the team has improved over the season is by checking the scores against the

teams the second time around. Fortunately/unfortunately this team has set themselves

the tough task of remaining un-defeated to even stay equal with our first half record.

Once again the Tigers batting & base running was a very high standard. We continue

to combine big hits into the outfield with fast running on the infield. Today St George

made some fantastic catches & when given the opportunity they made plenty of outs.

Once again the batters managed to score the max 6 runs in the first 3 innings to

establish a good lead, despite some magnificent fielding from St George.

Once again we had an excellent day in the field. We completed an out in all of

the 5 innings that we completed today! A great achievement by the team!!

We had a range of impressive defensive outs by a number of different players again. A

total of 6 different players were involved in an out. I continue to dream that one day we

will have all 10 players make an out in the same game!

We started the game a little slow with a few missed chances. Despite a good out from

pitcher Elliot to Levi @ 1st & another out with Lachlan to Isaac @ 3rd base, St George

managed to even up the score at 6s after the first innings.

The game quickly changed in the bottom of the 2

nd innings. When Isaac & Dylan took

charge of the game for the Tigers. The first runner got on, but then Isaac made a good

catch @ pitcher & turned the double play by throwing the ball to Dylan before the

runner could return to first. Then a regulation throw from Isaac to Dylan seen St

George retired for 0 runs after only facing three batters for the innings.

The 3rd innings started with Isaac taking a screamer at 3rd base. Then after another

quick innings was completed after pitcher Levi made 2 separate outs to Lachlan at first

base. Another good fielding display saw them restricted to 2 runs. The score was:

Bottom 3rd innings : Tigers 18 – St George 8

The 4th innings seen Ellectra take the mound & Archie took first base. Unfortunately

this was another innings of missed fielding chances. Despite a number of close calls

St George managed to add the max 6 runs to their score.

The Tigers run machine had added another 7 runs to our score before our 5th innings

in the field came around. This innings seen Zak take the mound & Elliot take up first

base. This was another all-round good innings for the Tigers. With Levi starting the

good work by taking a catch at 3rd base, Lachlan then made a tag out play @ SS then

just missed a double play at first. Then to complete the innings Zak swooped on a ball

& made a bare handed grab & throw to first to Elliot to beat the runner by a step.

Final score: Tigers 25 – St George 16The game was again played in good spirits between the teams. The fielding was again

excellent from both teams. The catching from both teams was absolutely incredible, a

credit to both sets of players. I think both teams made 3 catches each.

Overall our fielding has been good, but I believe that we can still improve. The first

thing we need to do is to not rush the play. A number of times the fielder tried to make

the throw before the balls were in the glove. I want all the players to actually know that

they can make the play.

Finding consistency with junior teams is usually pretty hard. However this team is

proving to be the exception to this rule. There always seems to be a player to lift their

game just when the team needs it so we can scrap through the game with a victory.

Further hard work at training will help our consistency & grow our self-belief in our

ability in being able to throw straight.

Thanks to Nicole for scoring today.

Thanks again to our bench coach Taylor for keeping the players in order & keeping the

players fielding positions up to date.

Player of the match was given to Isaac. He was even more impressive in the field than

he usually is, after he had 2 catches & 3 assists whilst fielding (including a double

play). He also batted extremely well to drive in plenty of runs with a couple of outfield

hits & is always an extremely good base runner.

The Tiger award this week was given to Levi after another strong display in the field &

good batting. Levi had 1 catch & 3 other assists whilst fielding. Levi’s diving around is

always impressive whether he is fielding or sliding into base. Let’s hope that he can

combine these two next time he plays first base for a few outs.

Coach Peter