Round 5 vs Giants

Round 5 vs Giants

We had our first 9am start for a while, so I was worried that the kids might still be half

asleep at game time. However all the kids were wide awake & everyone was thankful

that we were playing early so we would escape the worst heat of the day.

Unfortunately one of our new star recruits, Elliot was unavailable due to illness.

It is only Round 5 yet I am already starting to run out of superlatives for this team, as

each week they are performing to a very high standard. The team are fast learners &

continue to be willing to listen to the coaches instructions.

We have quickly learned in this 9s competition that the fielding ability of the opposition

has been a pretty high standard. Any weak hit that finds the pitcher is usually an

automatic out for the batter. Even some good hits are fielded by the infielders & end up

as an out. With the Giants making outs at every base, they probably made the most

outs @ 3rd base & also made one out at home. The opposition make you work for all

your runs! Getting the max 6 runs each innings has to be really earned.

Despite excellent fielding by the Giants we managed to score 6 runs in 3 of the 4

innings today. The Giants had us of the ropes a couple of times with 2 outs but we

managed to scrape together the max 6 runs through excellent team batting. The whole

team batted & ran the bases well, with Lachlan in particular coming through when we

needed him with a couple of big hits into the outfield with 2 outs to ensure we made

the 6 max runs in both the first & second innings.

Once again we had an excellent day in the field. We completed the 3 outs in all

of the 4 innings we completed today! A great achievement by the team!!

We had a range of impressive defensive outs by a number of different players. Once

again Levi started the day on fire in the field! Making 2 outs at 2nd base from centre

field in the first innings. Isaac also made a good throw from SS to Dylan at 3rd for the

third out. Archie @ pitcher & Eliza @ 1st base both made a couple of good plays but

just couldn’t quite manage an out.

Lachlan took to the mound in the 2nd innings & made a good play to Isaac @ 1st. Isaac

also made an unassisted put-out @ 1st. To complete the innings SS Levi made a good

throw to Dylan who covered 2nd base from centre field in a heads-up play.

The 3rd innings saw Zak take the mound & made an excellent throw to Levi @ first for

an out. Lachlan made a good field & tag from SS & just missed a double play with a

strong throw to Levi which just missed an out. To finish the innings once again CF

made an out at 2nd base, this time it was Isaac.

The 4th innings started with a strange out. Giants hit the ball in the air to around SS

with 2 runners on. The runners weren’t sure whether to run or not! It ended up with the

pop-up not being caught, but Isaac (CF) somehow ended up with the ball & made an

out at 2nd. Then with Coach Lauren calling for Isaac to throw the ball to Lachlan @ 1st

for the out, because the runner had given up thinking that he was going to be caught!

So the boys made the 2nd out in the same play. Levi then made the third out at 3rd

base.Final score: Tigers 22 – Giants 9

The game was again played in good spirits between the teams. This was another fast

paced game, we had time for another innings but we decided to call it off early, with

the game already decided & a number of kids suffering from the heat.

The fielding overall was again excellent from both teams. However I am looking

forward to further working on improving a few skills at training, which will improve our

defensive efforts even more. We just need to mainly improve our throwing accuracy.

Plus not rushing the play will also get us more outs. A number of times players

misplayed a ball when they rushed to make the play before they had proper control of

the ball before trying to throw or move towards the base.

Next week I would prefer to see CF throw the ball to 2nd base for our outs at 2nd base.

However this needs our 2nd base players remembering to cover their base on outfield

hits! (as we practised at training)!

Thanks to Leanne B for scoring again today.

Thanks again to our bench coach Taylor for keeping the players in order & keeping the

players fielding positions up to date.

Player of the match was given to Lachlan for his impressive batting & fielding display

today. His batting was good all day, as mentioned before, especially in the first 2

innings. His fielding was particularly impressive with & a couple of good throws to first.

He also made a good catch at first as well.

The Tiger award this week was given to Isabelle for her impressive batting & throwing.

Coach Peter