Round 4 vs Comets

Round 4 vs Comets Royal
Despite missing training due to the severe storm weather our team put up one of our most impressive displays of the season. Our batting has been our strength this season, & we had another strong batting display today. We did have a rare short innings today, but I must say that this was more due to some excellent fielding by the Comets players, rather than our batting. Once again there were plenty of big hits into the outfield & good base-running. However at times we could improve our base-running by being ready to run, as soon as the ball is hit.
We had our best fielding effort of the season in this game. We completed the 3 outs in 4 of the 5 innings we completed today! We had a range of impressive defensive outs by a number of different players. Especially impressive were a couple of long throws from SS & pitcher to 1st base that were effectively completed. Levi made a good catch, plus Dylan, Isaac & Lachlan also made some real heads-up tag plays.
Final score: Tigers 26 – Bosco 16
The game was again played in good spirits between the teams. This 9s competition has been very enjoyable so far. All the teams are rotating their players & the sportsmanship has been evident from all involved. The 9s games have all been fast paced ones, where all players seem to quickly take up their positions in the field after checking the board & the batters are always ready to go when it is their turn. The game was so fast today that we almost had 6 innings each.
The fielding overall was excellent from both teams. However I am looking forward to working on improving a few skills at training, which will improve our defensive efforts even more. I will only be happy when all the players in the team gain enough confidence to realise that they are capable of consistently making outs.
Thanks to Leanne R & Louise for scoring today.
Player of the match was given to Elliot for his impressive batting & fielding display today. His batting was good all day. His fielding @ SS was extremely impressive with & a couple of good throws to first. He also made a good catch at first as well.
The Tiger award this week was given to Eliza for her impressive batting & base-running.
Coach Peter