Round 3 vs Bosco

Round 3 vs Bosco

After the usual 2 week break for school holidays we returned to playing baseball away to

Bosco. This initial break is always a worry for the younger teams; the coach always just

hopes that they remember which way to run to first base.

However the coach didn’t have to worry with this team. This Tigers offensive juggernaut

just continued on their winning ways scoring 6 runs in each innings. This is despite

playing against a Bosco team that actually fielded quite well when we gave them a

chance to get us out. The couple of times that we found one of the in-fielders this Bosco

team seemed to make an out @ first.

The tigers though just didn’t give Bosco many chances by firstly absolutely crushing the

ball into the outfield a number of times & also good placement for those balls not smoked

into the outfield. Then once our runners got on base, the runners were all superb in their

base running. All runners were off at the crack of the bat & also took an extra base

whenever it was available.

It was a very pleasing batting effort, with ALL the players now understanding that the job

is only half done once you reach base. Eliza lead off the batting today & really showed

the team how to run the bases. She ran like a rocket today & I hope that she has the

same breakfast next week!! If she keeps this up we all might have to go to Eliza’s for

breakfast as well so we all can be as fast.

With a combination of big hitting from Dylan, Isaac, Elliot, Levi & Lachlan all hitting

outfield bombs with good placement & speed from Eliza, Ellectra, Isabelle, Zak & Archie

seen us scoring the 6 runs each inning. We were robbed a couple of times when outfield

hits that could have been home runs except for the strategically placed cones in the

outfield, which reduced our biggest hits to doubles once the ball went past the cones.

I am extremely pleased that they are listening & willing to take on board the basic

baseball batting & base running principles. Happily this team are fast learners.

Final score: Tigers 24 – Bosco 21

The game was another fast paced one that was again played in good spirits between

the teams. It was wonderful to hear the Bosco parents very vocal in their praise of our

good plays. The fielding at times was exceptional from both teams. The standard of

fielding has been pretty good this season, especially for the start of the season &

again showed that we just can’t hit the ball to the pitcher & expect to score runs in 9s.

We did particularly well today to beat a solid Bosco team. So far this season I have

concentrated mainly on batting & we have batted well & have scored the max 6 runs

15 times out of the 16 innings we have batted.

This season we have fielded ok. This week we had Elliot, Levi, Dylan, Isaac, Lachlan,

Zak & Archie all involved in the “put-out” of at least one batter. That is 7 out of our 10

players in one week. I don’t think many teams could match us in that!This is what I hope to see each week from our fielders, multiple players making

multiple outs. I intend to concentrate on the fielding side of the game over the next

few weeks at training. I believe that ALL our players can improve quickly with a few

small changes to their techniques. I will try to put all players in positions where they

can make outs. I am looking forward to seeing all the fielders in the team improving &

making outs. I expect all players team to have multiple outs by the seasons end. I

hope to have all the players knowing that they are capable of making an out

whenever the ball goes towards them in the near future!

Thanks to Louise & Leanne for scoring again.

Player of the match was given to Levi for his impressive batting & fielding display

today. His batting was good all day. His fielding @ SS was extremely impressive in

the first innings. He did make a tag out & a couple of good throws to first. I had to

chuckle when I heard their coach tell all their players to avoid hitting the ball to Levi

as he was too good!

The Tiger award this week was given to Ellectra for her commitment to the team by

putting her body on the line during her base-running. There was a mix-up with

Electra’s base-running when she heard parents yelling out instructions, she ended up

confused & struggling to make 3rd base safely. I am not sure if she tripped or dived,

but she ended up undertaking a perfectly executed commando roll to safely slide into


rd base which enabled us to continue our innings to score the 6 runs. Then she also

refused to be replaced (even after being winded) & she wanted to stay in the game

until she safely got home!!

Coach Peter