Round 2 vs Scots

Round 2 vs Arncliffe Scots
Our second game of the season was our first home game for the year. Once again we 
had to play with 9 players & we also had to battle on without Coach Lauren.

1st Innings
We started the game with Elliot at pitcher & Dylan at first. We made some good plays & 
made 2 decent outs, but just could not get that all-important 3
rd out. So the Scots started 
off with the maximum 6 runs.
I left the middle 3 of the batting line-up the same as last week & swapped the top 3 with
the bottom 3. Our first innings was not one of our best. The Scots pitcher proved quite 
skilled & we gave him too many chances to throw (or even run) to get 3 outs. So we only 
managed 4 runs in the first innings.

2nd Innings
So we started the 2nd innings behind for the first time this season. Luckily for us I had
scheduled Lachlan @ pitcher & Isaac @ first & they proved up to the task of getting us 
back into the game. They had their usual solid defensive performances & kept the Scots 
to a single run with 3 accomplished outs.
Happily our batters learnt from the first innings & managed to find a few gaps when we 
batted in the 2nd innings. So we managed to score our 6 runs again without any outs
recorded against us.
Progress score Tigers up 10 – 7.

3rd Innings
Electra had another turn & pitcher & Levi took on the pitcher role this innings. Once 
again we fielded ok but didn’t get the 3 outs before they managed a further 6 runs.
It was good to see that we continued to improve our batting & scored another 6 runs.

4th & 5th Innings
We had Archie, Eliza, Isabelle & Archie take on the main roles for the 4th & 5th innings. 
Despite some good moments especially a screamer by Archie from Levi the Scots 
managed to get 6 runs for both innings.
Fortunately our batters were up to the challenge thrown done by Scots by racking up the 
max 6 runs both innings to keep our nose in front.

Final score: Tigers 28 – Scots 25

The game was another fast paced one that was again played in good spirits between 
the teams. The fielding at times was exceptional from both teams. We did well to beat 
the Scots. The Scots showed us in the first innings that we just can’t hit the ball to the 
pitcher & expect to score runs. I think Scots will be an even bigger challenge the next 
time we play them.However it was extremely encouraging that the players learnt fast & quickly started to 
hit the ball into the gaps between the fielders. After 3 outs in the 1st innings we only 
had a further 3 outs in the following 4 innings!
The batting has been good this season with us scoring the max 6 runs 11 out of the 
12 innings we have completed. However we will probably come across some better 
fielding teams in the future, so we will have to continue to improve if we want to keep 
up our good scoring record.
We have fielded ok, but I think that we need to become a bit more consistent with our 
throwing. We also need all the fielders in the team to be able to contribute to the team 
by making outs. This would start with all players ensuring that they are watching the 
game as soon as the opposition batter is ready to hit. 
I will continue to rotate all players in different positions. However I might adjust the 
fielding positions, the throw from pitcher to 1st is proving to be quite a challenge, so I 
think that I might try some fielders at 2nd base which is probably the 3rd most used 
fielding position.
Thanks to all the parents that helped out on BBQ & canteen duty today. Unfortunately 
we need to do the duty at all home games. I believe that Nicole is in the process of 
making a roster up so that all the duties are shared equally.
Thanks to Louise & Leanne for scoring.
Player of the match was given to Archie for his impressive batting & fielding display.
The Tiger award was given to Isaac for his impressive work at first base in the 2nd
innings that ended up winning us the game.

I hope everyone has a good holiday & will see you @ training on 7th October.

Coach Peter