Round 1 vs Comets

Round 1 vs Comets

This season we have set the players the test of playing in the U9s. This involves the challenge of both playing on a bigger diamond & most of the team taking on older players. Our team is primarily made of players that were still eligible to play in the U8s & probably the 2 smallest players in the comp, who happen to be our true age U9s players. We also have 2 players enjoying baseball for their first season.

I must admit that Lauren & I were a bit nervous coming up to our first game of the season. We didn’t really have much of a pre-season with the weather the way it was. So we went into the match with a largely under prepared team.

1st Innings

But the anxious coaching staff’s doubts were quickly eased with a solid batting display in the first innings that netted us the maximum 6 runs. Things were even better in the field with us keeping them to 4 runs. Pitcher Elle started us off well with a good out to Levi on first. Lachlan also made an out & Dylan was impressive at Shortstop.

2nd Innings

Our best batting effort of the day with 6 runs scored with no outs. Things kept going well in the field with debutant Elliot hesitantly taking on the role of pitcher. However his confidence was lifted after combining with Isaac @ 1st to restrict Comets to only 3 runs.

3rd Innings

Despite Comets getting 2 outs through good fielding we scrapped together 6 runs. Pitcher Eliza stepped up to the plate with Dylan on first. A combination of good batting & base-running saw the Comets score the max 6 runs this innings.

Progress score Tigers up 18 – 13.

4th Innings

Our good batting continued with another 6 runs across the plate. This innings Archie took up the pitchers role combining with Lachlan at 1st kept the Comets to 2 runs.

5th Innings

Another good innings had us score another 6 runs.  Our other debutant Isabelle had her first turn @ pitcher with Isaac getting his second turn @ first base. The Comets batted well to score another 6 runs despite our best efforts.

6th Innings

One last good innings had us score another 6 runs.  Levi took to the mound with a newly confident Elliot taking up 1st base. A couple of impressive defensive displays saw us restrict the Comets to 4 runs.

Final score Tigers 36 –  Comets 25


Our team performed really well & showed very good early season form. I was expecting our batting to be solid, with our 3 big boppers Dylan, Lachlan & Isaac spread throughout the line-up at 3, 6 & 9. They did not quite hit the home runs as I had planned, but it wasn’t needed as the batters throughout the line-up did well enough to advance all the runners home. To score the max 6 runs in all the innings was an encouraging effort.

The fielding was better than I expected with us getting the 3 outs in 4 out of the 6 innings we. I hope we can continue to approve with a bit more training. My goal is to have all the players improve their fielding & this is best achieved by rotating all the players through the most important positions of pitcher & first base.

The game was a fast paced one that was a pleasure to be part of. The fielding was quite good by both teams. The comets outfield did particularly well, despite a decent number of our big outfield hits, none got past their outfielders. I must also congratulate the Comets coach on his sportsmanship. I hope all of our games are played in the same spirit.

I would also like to thank Leanne who did the scoring for the first time ever & did a wonderful job.


Player of the match was given to Dylan for his impressive batting & fielding display.

The Tiger award was given to Elliot for his impressive debut.


Coach Peter